Tuesday, June 24, 2008

30 year mark

I am going to be 30 soon. I normally am not one to make any sort of clamor about birthdays. This one is weird to me. Within the last year I have really reconstructed my life. I abandoned a major career, offloaded a lot of debt, started a small online business and in the middle of this I am raising two kids. I talk to people my age and they seem so much older, so much more advanced in what they want to do with this thing called life. I guess that is where I have always been different. I am not a planner in a sense. I kind of allow this cosmic element to push me down the path and then I figure out what to do from there. When I was still working at "The Bank" people would always tell me; you need a 5 year plan, you need goals, you need a road map of your life. You know what? No I don't. I am done with stress and what is coming around the next corner. For the first time in a long time I am just enjoying life for what it is. My mom has this saying on her wall about not walking where there is a path but making your own path. My first thought is well what if you get lost? I think I was lost for awhile. I am going to stay on the road for a bit and see where it goes.