Thursday, September 18, 2008

Large Arlito Longies

I am about 3" into the inseam of my latest custom. I finally figure out how to magic loop both legs at once. It seems to take about the same amount of time as 2 circular needles but I am not positive.

Progress 013

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two Items Completed

I finished Florence's Capris
And the choco rainbow longies

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Instant gratification

I need some instant gratification with these miles and miles of inseams I am knitting. I am going to knit a newborn soaker for something fast to do.


Last night I had to join a new skein and the pattern was off. So I had to pull one leg off of the needles, add a life line, rip back, line up the yarn, knit to even with the other leg and then put both back on the same needles. It took about an hour.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Customs in the works and instock

I have three more customs that are in the works. I have a pair of longies for YYMN from Road2healthy in bulky yarn. I have a trade for yarn from the Hyena Cart Swap for Babycakies and I have a trade for 3 pairs of longies and a soaker for Earthbabydiapers. I will cast on the Earthbabydiapers longies after I am done with my stocking items for Serenity Tree.

I need to frog back the leg of the choco rainbow longies and add about 2 more rows. I have about 3 inches done on the Thorny Rose inseam and I cast on the Seaweed waistband last night. I still need to finish Angela's sweater. I will probably bust out the Thorny Rose longies after I finish the capris and then work a few rows of the sweater. I found the perfect button for the sweater at my mom's.

Florence's custom

The capris are going really well. I am liking the colors in these yarns. I expect to be done tonight.

Progress 008